Innovative Corporate Solutions

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We provide management accounting and consultancy services to selected clients, working with them to increase their profit and improve their business outcomes. We have helped other clients to increase their profits by more than 5 times with just some simple changes and focusing on their monthly results and better management of their profits. Our guarantee is that you will have a net benefit rather than a cost as a result of our services, with the improvements in your cash flows, business costs and in your bottom line more than covering the cost of our services to your business. Our services are provided by highly qualified accountants specialising in management accounting. This means that for businesses who cannot afford a full time accountant, we provide the same support on a consultancy basis ensuring that you have someone to keep you focused on the business profits, working smarter and not harder, and on managing your business rather than just working in your business. For large businesses, the services of a management accountant is critical to their success with the chief financial officer being second only to the CEO. We provide the same critical support to our clients to help them build and grow their business. Our services include preparation of formal accounts, review of monthly operating results, business systems and procedures, and support for your bookkeeping staff or actual bookkeeping services if you need, as well as a general review of your business with you from the point of view of your "after tax profit". We do not replace your tax accountant who would continue to manage your tax affairs, but rather add an extra level of support to help you improve and manage your business and its profits. We have found that about 1/3rd of our clients have a 7-10 year life cycle for us, not because they leave, but because they build up their business with our help to where they can sell it to fund a comfortable retirement.
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