Gardner Wetherill & Associates Pty Ltd

St Leonards, NSW, 2065



About Us Firstly, we are passionate about serving our clients. We pour immense energy into developing strong and lasting partnerships – whereby we listen to your needs and aspirations, we size up your unique challenges, and we respond with considered design solutions that take a long-term perspective. And secondly, we’re passionate about architecture and design. Our passion for architecture is intrinsically linked to our passion for our clients. GWA was established in 2003 by Ross Gardner and Toby Wetherill, who both bring extensive, differing experience and skills to our practice. Ross and Toby take a very hands-on approach to every project – remaining heavily involved to ensure that their lateral thinking, problem solving, creativity and commercial nous are applied at all stages. Our staff all share the founders’ passion for helping clients realise their aspirations for the built environment, while solving their unique architectural problems at the same time. Our Service Architecture | Masterplanning | Interior Design | Advisory
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